Avent Pacifier Coupon

In this short article, I’ll explain you how, smart using an Avent pacifier coupon in conjunction with a Walgreens coupon, I managed to buy two Avent Soothie Pacifiers with only 79 cents (or only 39 cents for each pacifier if you want to count it this way).

Having a baby, I know quite well the regular prices for pacifiers, which are somewhere between $4 and $6 for a pack of two, and one of my (and my baby’s) favorites is the Soothie Pacifier pack from Philips Avent, which normally sells for $4.29. I usually use to take advantage of Avent pacifier coupons to save $1.50, which bring the price down to only $2.79, which is quite a nice deal by itself, but this month I was really happy to see that I can save more if I buy the pacifiers I need from Walgreens.

Printable Avent Pacifier Coupons

$3 off 1 Multi-pack AVENT BPA-Free Baby Bottles

$1.50 off 1 AVENT Pacifier Pack

And here’s why: in Walgreens September Coupon Booklet, which you can get at the entrance of the store, there is a $2 discount coupon for any Avent bottles, nipples or pacifiers. The good news is that both coupons (the Avent pacifier coupon and the Walgreens coupon) can be used together, saving a total of $3.50 and coming down to a total price of $0.79 for a pack of two Avent Soothie Pacifiers, or I as already told you, $0.39 for each pacifier.

Find an Avent Pacifier Coupon Along With Many Other Coupons for Baby Products

Avent Pacifier Coupon

For many of you, a save of only a few bucks may not seem like a great bargain, but when you’re a single mother raising three kids during these rough economic times, every little bit can make a difference and, for myself, I was really happy when I managed to get this deal just by summing up these two discount coupons – the Avent pacifier coupon and the Walgreens September Coupon.